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December 25, 2013
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A Skylanders Christmas by Seeraphine A Skylanders Christmas by Seeraphine
Whew! Big ol page :faint: Took a while to get done, but I've always wanted to make a big group picture, and it's pretty fun ^^
Made the theme Skylanders, since they're really fun to draw :D And I've featured some of my characters, some original Skylanders, and some friends or idols Skylanderized :) But if you don't like Skylanders, then just consider this a chibi version, since that's kinda what the Skylanders are XD

Here are the list of friends I've featured:

:iconsekoiyastoryteller: 's character Parch from her comic. I've really enjoyed her story and it's really quite fascinating when you get into it. Always wanted to draw something for her :)

:icontrue-water-gaurdian: 's character Nightshade, sitting by Frillisean. He has written me so much fanfiction about her, I wanted to make him a nice gift :) Thank you!

:iconshalonesk: 's character SD. She's made so many cute Skylaner comics, and I've always wanted to draw her :) And Pop fizz is there to :D

:iconeg5: 's character Ethereal Goddess. She's a nice girl and her character is really fun to draw :) And she's made me a few very lovely gifts. :hug:

:iconbelitinog: 's character Fredrick. He has written me a whole epic fanfiction tale about Zirra's Return that I very much enjoyed reading :) Thank you very much!

:iconaacrell: 's character Auzeri. She has always been a really sweet girl and her character is so pretty. I had to add her in :)

:iconsighriadragoness12: 's character Sighria. I have always loved her style. Her facial expressions are adorable ^^ And I've always wanted to draw her something.

:icondoomdrao: 's character Doomy.  She's made me wonderful fanarts in the past, so I wanted to draw her again :)

:iconmg-koruption17: 's character Sulyth. As I've mentioned, she's made a comic series based on a species I've created, and I couldn't be more flattered :D And I love how her Sulyth character looks :)

:iconsoronadragon: 's character Sorona. She's always made me beautiful gifts on birthdays and such. I wanted to add her in :)

:icondragonessblue: 's character Blue. I've drawn her a couple times in my commissions and she's really a cute character. :) And a nice fun person to ^^

:iconnaeda: 's character Neada. She's made me a couple gifts and I wanted to make her one to. Also since her character is really unique :)

:iconweirdhyena: 's character Feuriah. I've really always wanted to draw this character ^^ Moreso after all the Skylander stuff started popping up XD I've always loved her coloring :)

:icondragoncid: 's character Kindle. I really like this character and her comic is a gem. I've also always wanted to draw her to :)

And there are so many more that I just can't name them all! You guys are so awesome! ^^
Merry Christmas to you all! :hug:

Trigger Happy, Terrafin, Sonic Boom, Pop Fizz, Sunburn, Wrecking Ball, Camo, Spyro, Cynder, Bash, Flashwing, Drobot, Jet vac, and Ember belong to Activision.

Seeraphine, Iragan, Frillisean, Fiora, and Seider belong to ME
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Myuniverseinabox Mar 19, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
oh my! very nice!:D (Big Grin)  also do u use tablet? and if so, do u use the one with a screen on it like an I pad or the one without?
btw I also LOVE the way Sonic Boom is!! *sheds tear*
I would have putted Cynder and Spyro lying next to each other to indicate they are n love :)
Maybe Spyro just came over to her to see if she's okay and having fun.
Nrock761 Feb 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah! GREAT!!! has to be mah fave! Love Sonic Boom!
This is awesome! Just put it in my favorites
TsuriaDragon Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa that's awesome I wish I could of been at this party XD
YuntaoXD Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Bash and Flashwing lol
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